Arrival to the city of love

I step out of Paris Orly with my red suitcase, looking for a van named Parisshuttle. To my surprise, a driver holds a sign with my name on it, and courteously helps to a private car, all the time sweetly putting up with my awkward French. Apparently my $28 preorder of a shuttle to the city on tripadvisor got a comfortable ride, and I’m smiling all the way to my destination.

A lovely welcome by my host from AirBnb, and I’m finally settling in after a fourteen hour journey. I always had a good experience with airbnb, and this time the place exceeded all my expectations. A character sprawling apartment, with left and right wings, it’s warm lacquered wood floor gently creaking as I walked in awe from room to room. I had never been in a family apartment of this size, and appreciated all the wonderful details of the place.

the excitement of finding myself in this beautiful place gave me a second wind to go explore the neighbourhood. I knew that at ten pm there should still be lots of dinner activity, and of course there were plenty of people … walking their dogs.

I discovered that the area is a beautiful and quiet neighbourhood, Paris as a well dressed aging Madame wearing pearls. a great view of the Eiffel tower opened up after a ten minute walk toward the river. Something magical happened as a boat was passed by and its bright lights reflected through the branches of the trees onto the wall of the building, dancing like mysterious shadows of the past. bienvenue a Paris




In my favorite French song life happens in all of its ordinary ways, and its charm carries me along until I also feel myself breathing the fresh air after the rain in Paris. Life writes the best story, and we need a little inspiration to appreciate its daily moments. Now that I again find myself living under the Paris sky, I hope that by writing about my exprience, I start to observe life in all its fullness…


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